Sprayway Cerberus (2015)


The Sprayway Cerberus has instant hill appeal, thanks to a hood and two large pockets on the chest with easy access even when wearing a rucksack with a wide hipbelt. The front zip is full-length and gets a baffle on the inside to block draughts while the top of the zip is protected to prevent chin scrape. Thumb loops are provided at the cuffs, but there is no hem drawcord. 4/5


The Sprayway Cerberus comes in S-XXL for men and 8-18 for women. The fit isn’t as close and neat as higher-priced equivalent designs. It’s longer than many fleece jackets and the hood fits reasonably closely despite the fact it has no drawcords. The slightly loose fit allows this to be worn over other insulating layers, while also being comfortable under a waterproof jacket. 4/5


This fleece is made from Exotherm 100 polyester, which is a very closely woven material, so it blocks a little more wind than some other more open fleece options. It’s not quite as thick as some fleece jackets, but still offers a good year-round comfort level. Not having a hem drawcord is a drawback, though, as it potentially makes this area draughty. 4/5

In use

The ‘two chest pockets with a hood’ design is perfect. You can put guidebooks or maps in those pockets and maintain access to them easily even while wearing a rucksack with a wide hipbelt. The hood works well and some people will like the thumb loops. My only niggle is that the lack of a hem drawcord, plus a slightly

baggy fit, equal draughts. 4/5


This is a great price for the features and design, and while not perfect it offers a great value-for-money option. 5/5


The Sprayway Cerberus is a very practical fleece jacket for the hillwalker. While not perfect it’s easily the best option here if you can’t pay more than £75. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2015