Snugpak Elite Proximity

 Relatively new to the world of outdoor clothing, this is a brand new model for Snugpak. It’s a fairly standard looking jacket and the cut isn’t quite so athletic as some tested, so you could wear it to the pub – if you’re the sort of person happy to sup a pint in an orange jacket. The brushed, slightly fleecy lining doesn’t trap the heat nearly as much as I anticipated before trying it and it takes some energetic walking early on in the day to get some heat into it. The fabric doesn’t have huge amounts of stretch in it, and the sleeves do feel very short – especially when reaching up. This is countered by the use of an inner cuff that sits snugly against the wrist and traps heat too.

Fabric: Aquabar
Weight (tested size): 591g
Women’s version: No
Contact: 01535 654479;