Smartwool PhD Crew

Another of the tighter-fitting tops, this time with a majority construction of merino coupled with a bit of man-made fabric to add stretch. The result is a body-hugging top that wicks incredibly well and holds the warmth in. The merino holds the stink at bay over prolonged use, while the three per cent elastic in the fabric helps the top to rebound into shape after a wash. Thumb loops mean that the sleeves fit well and help to keep the hands warm too by insulating your blood as it flows through the exposed veins of your wrist, although the quite heavy stitching around the thumb loop does mean that it can rub a bit especially if you’re using poles. When walking the fit is snug but sits well, and the longer length allows you to tuck it in to keep it in place.

Sizes: M-XL
Weight: 218g
Fabric: 76% merino, 21% nylon, 3% elastic
Features: Rib collar, thumb loops, front panel knit with heavier weight
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