Silkbody Silkspun zip-neck long-sleeve base layer

Despite the thin fabric, Silkbody base-layers are surprisingly warm. The silk isn’t as figure-hugging as some, so won’t feel as cosy, but it feels luxuriously soft against the skin. The high zip-neck collar traps warmth when you need it, and there’s enough stretch in the fabric to allow the sleeves to pull up to the elbows. Silk has the unique ability to absorb one third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, and because it’s one of nature’s strongest fibres and is very elastic, it won’t lose its shape. It won’t smell bad, either, even after a couple of days in the hills. An expensive base-layer, but it does have excellent breathability and wicking, and dries fairly quickly, too.

Fabric: Silkspun (72% silk, 13% merino, 15% cotton)
Features: Zip- neck, silk fabric
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