Silkbody Silkspun Base Layer Long

Although in the hand this top doesn’t feel particularly special, once on, the silk feels incredibly luxurious, like a set of expensive hotel sheets. There is a smooth feel without any clinging at all. Brilliantly, it manages to retain a coolness when it’s hot yet still heats up quickly when it’s cooler. During heavier exertion, the fabric manages to wick away moisture very well and doesn’t retain much of a stink after a few wears. The drying time is great too – comparable to some man-made fibres and quicker than merino wool rivals. The slightly more relaxed fit of the top makes it much easier to contend with in the casual looks stakes, although it does have a little bit of a sheen to it.

Weight: 171g
Fabric: 72% silk, 13% merino, 15% cotton
Features: 100% sustainable, naturally antibacterial, high UV protection
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