Rohan Gradient (2012)

Rather excitingly, this jacket is reversible – so it’s almost like getting two tops for the price of one! The warmest way round to wear the Rohan Gradient is fleecy side inwards, to trap air next to your body with the tightly knitted, snag-resistant and durable polyester on the outside as shown in the photo. The two fabrics are held together by wind-resistant bonding rather than a stiff windproof laminate, so the jacket blocks wind very well without stiffness. Worn this way you can also zip it together with Rohan’s Interchange compatible shell jackets to create an insulated waterproof coat. On warmer days, you can reverse the Rohan Gradient for less of an insulated windproof and open the easily accessed, glove-friendly pockets on both sides to create two venting holes. The jacket is quite stretchy, but as it’s slightly shorter on the arms and body, with no drop tail, it can ride up when reaching for scramble holds; however the hem drawcord keeps out the draughts. The weight is ever so slightly on the heavier side at 453g (size UK12) without a hood or thumb loops, and the Rohan Gradient is bulkier than some of the lighter-weight fleeces we looked at.

Weight 453g
Pockets 2 side, 2 side inner
Material 100% polyester fleece inner with high-gauge outer and wind-resistant bonding
Thumb loops no
Hood no
Men’s version yes



The Rohan Gradient is a very warm, versatile, highly windproof and comfy fleece that’s great for walking, but there’s not quite enough freedom of movement or long enough arm and back lengths for scrambling.

Review by Claire Maxted
First published in Trail magazine October 2012