Rohan Basis T (2012)

A super-soft base-layer with a loose fit and a scoop neck. The fabric is so soft to the touch that you’d swear it has merino in it, although actually it's made from a blend of polyester and elastane. It’s been treated with Rohan’s Dynamic Moisture Control finish, so it wicks sweat away quickly and keeps you dry in warm, humid conditions. You’ll be able to wear it for a few consecutive days before it gets too pongy, when you can chuck it in the wash with everything else, and it will dry overnight. The only downside is that the scoop neck and loose fit doesn’t trap warm air very effectively, and the low neck leaves you at the mercy of the sun’s rays in warm weather.

Sizes: 8-18

Fabric: 96% polyester; 4% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish

Weight: 175g

Contact: 0800 840 1411

Review from Country Walking magazine, January 2012.