Regatta Airbrake

The Airbrake doesn’t immediately feel like a standard soft shell, with a face fabric that, although plenty stretchy enough, has a hardness to it and is quite noisy when you move. The shiny surface did give it a little extra waterproofing, at least for the test duration over a few damp, misty mornings, and it also makes it a little sweaty when used as a mid-layer under a waterproof. Strangely enough, it’s not actually that warm in use on colder days, and you do have to keep moving to keep the chill off, even though there are good weather seals with very easy-to-grip Velcro cuffs and a collar cinch that help to trap a bit of warm air inside.

Fabric: Softshell XPT
Weight (tested size): 528g
Women’s version: No
Contact: 0161 749 1381;