Rab Vapour Rise (2012)

The Pertex Equilibrium fabric used in this jacket doesn’t have that stretchy, almost wetsuit-like feel of some soft shells. Instead it uses a looser weave of material. This means the fabric is a little less windproof than some, but a lot more breathable. When walking hard uphill, the fabric is a dream. The inner fleecy layer helps to trap heat and draw away moisture really well. There is a water-repellent coating in the face fabric, but it is less like a true shell material, so may need refreshing more often than others. The cut of the jacket isn’t particularly athletic,and the long arms can tend to bunch up around the wrists. The hood isn’t the most fitted or secure, but it does add crucial extra warmth when needed.  

Sizes: S -XXL

Fabric: Pertex Equilibrium

Weight: 588g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 01773 601870; www.rabuk.com


*Published in Country Walking magazine, Spring 12