Peter Storm Active Base Layer

This Peter Storm base-layer felt like a T-shirt when on, an old favourite of a T-shirt at that, with a pleasantly soft touch to the fabric. In use the top performed better than anticipated, and although it often left a sweat patch on the lumbar region, it seemed no worse than some wool tops. After a single use, the typical polyester stench wasn’t present and it kept reasonably fresh for a couple of days of use. The basic cut is simple enough, with little to get in the way of the fabric’s performance, which makes it suitable for most occasions. It manages to wick fairly well, and dried out in slightly better time than some of the wool tops, but not as swiftly as 100% polyester base-layers. It won’t win any prizes for style, but the decent enough performance is matched by a great price.

: S-XL
Weight: 226g
Fabric: Cotton 50%, polyester 25%, viscose 25%
Features: Flat-locked seams, healthguard protective coating
Contact: 0800 389 5861;