Patagonia Capilene 3 Midweight

A true turtle neck top, for a change, the neck shape really helping to keep the heat in with its double layer of fabric without being constrictive. The 100% polyester material is surprisingly soft against the skin with a softer inside and harder-wearing face on the outside. The dimpled construction on the inside really helps to trap warm air close to the skin whilst also helping to draw moisture away from the skin’s surface. The outside of the top often felt damp whilst the skin remained dry. There’s a fair amount of stretch in the fabric too, and the flat stitching really stays out of the way. The lack of stitching directly over the shoulders also helps reduce rubbing especially when carrying a pack Good price, too.

Weight: 249g
Fabric: Polyester Polartec Power Dry (65% recycled)
Features: Gladiodor odor control
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