Patagonia All Free (2015)

This jacket was originally designed for climbing, but walkers can get a fair bit out of it too. Freedom of movement is great, as you might expect given its roots, and it stretches beautifully. It’s very lightweight, and water just glides off it, even when subjected to a ruthless water-bottle dousing. The neck is high and snug with no danger of chafing. But there are some odder features. The handwarmer pockets are zipless, which makes them very insecure, as well as inaccessible under a backpack hip-belt. Then there are the unusual cuffs: they look almost tailored, more akin to a linen jacket than an outdoor layer. There’s no adjustment, but they are made of stretchy stuff so you can pull them up easily and comfortably. So it has a lot of merit as a walking piece, but a few strange decisions rather let it down. On the plus side, on looks alone, it doesn’t half look smart.


Weight: 292g

Fabric: Polyester with DWR finish

Colours: Black, blue, green, purple

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 08000 260 055


Good for street-life and lower hills, but you’ll want a tougher beast for anything higher.

Originally reviewed by Sarah Ryan in Country Walking April 2015