Páramo Torres Jacket (2014)

The moment you reach a summit and want to throw on some insulation, in most cases you have to remove your waterproof before you can add a warm layer – and in the process you freeze. The Páramo Torres Jacket, however, is designed to go over your waterproof. It also has large, well-placed pockets and hood drawcords. The front zip jammed a little too easily though.

The Torres comes in XS-XXL in a unisex design, and as it’s meant to be worn over a waterproof those sizes are bigger than normal. But as a warm layer to wear over a waterproof jacket, this novel option fits really well.

The Páramo Torres Jacket is pretty heavy at 670g (size L) so it’s not something you would want to carry ‘just in case’. But in the right conditions the comfort benefit will be far greater than most jackets when used as intended, over waterproofs. Brushed polyester around the chin would have been nice. But very cosy and warm.

This top uses Nikwax Analogy insulation, which is a closely woven synthetic material. It is very warm and certainly better for winter use than most garments here. Indeed, it’s probably too warm for other times of the year, which is just as well as it’s really too heavy to carry around in a rucksack on the off-chance that it might be needed.

You get more for your money than most here, as the Páramo Torres Jacket is warmer and feature-packed

For some winter users, this unique top, designed to be worn over waterproofs, will be perfect. For others however it simply won’t be what they’re looking for.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2014