Paramo Cambia (2012)

This simple looking base-layer has a neat trick up its sleeve – it’s reversible. That’s not just useful for extending times between wash days: one side of the top is built for use in cooler conditions, one is better suited to warmer weather. The stitching on one side has a series of dimples that either traps heat when against the skin, or allows moisture to evaporate when on the outside. The difference between the two sides may be subtle, but does seem to have some effect in differing conditions. The top functions much more effectively in warmer temperatures, drying out very quickly. The man-made fabric can begin to smell after heavy use, though. The cut could also be a little tighter if the warming properties of the fabric are to be really effective.

Sizes: S-XXL

Fabric: Parameta T Reversible 100% polyester

Weight: 177g

Contact: 01892 786444

Review from Country Walking magazine, January 2012.