Montane Tigertooth Pro (2015)


The main fabric used in the Montane Tigertooth Pro is Polartec Power Shield, which has a membrane sandwiched between the outer and inner layers, making it more water- and wind-resistant. The outer is very abrasion-resistant while the inner is a very thick fibre pile layer. You also get four main pockets with great access and a hood with a wired peak. The drawback is the 794g weight. 5/5


The Montane Tigertooth Pro is available only in men’s S-XXL; it fits closely but I was able to wear a thin fleece under it for more insulation. The body length is average but the sleeves fitted me particularly well with no hint of the cuffs or hem riding up. The hood also fitted exceptionally well to allow great protection while maintaining perfect vision. Pity there’s no women’s version. 4/5


This is a very warm jacket although as it is a bit thicker than others it does feel a little bulkier and stiffer. Also that weight of 794g impacts on the comfort. It fends off wind and water well, and as it has a membrane it won’t be ideal under a waterproof, as non-membrane materials will be more breathable. But overall this is ideal for the depths of winter. 5/5

In use

The Tigertooth Pro is really dedicated to Alpine or Scottish winter climbing, where it would excel. The hood, pockets and general design are ideal for climbing but it would also be great for walking across the Cairngorms in winter or battling through wind and snow up to any mountain summit. The problem is that it is so heavy you need to be wearing it all day. 4/5


The Montane Tigertooth Pro’s price is high but you are getting a lot of jacket here and it is very, very warm. 3/5


If you want a soft shell jacket for winter conditions this is it, but for any other situation alternative Montane jackets are better. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine September 2015