Marmot Midweight Long Sleeve 2009

The Marmot Midweight Long Sleeve is an exceptionally light yet weirdly substantial-feeling base layer. Put it on and it’s warm, yet it wicks well. This is down to the Polartec Powerdry fabric, which is warm, slightly stretchy and good at managing moisture. It uses an ecologically aware ‘Upcycle’ policy, which utilises industrial cast-offs. This base layer also uses Cocona technology, which involves old coconut husks! It’s not that nuts: the material dries fast, has natural anti-odour properties, and provides a UPF of 40+ making this a unique, functional garment. Polartec’s high standards mean this isn’t a gimmick, either. All in all this is a top-end base layer at a great price that nearly nabbed first place. But the Marmot Midweight Long Sleeve’s zip isn’t as long as it could have been, and the quality of the stitching is slightly below what I would expect, with a few frayed ends here and there. The base layer is unbranded and the styling slightly no-frills, which doesn’t affect function (the absence of chafy logos may even improve it!) but will be a factor in choice for some people. A longer cut at the rear would also have been welcome.


Fabric Polartec Powerdry with Cocona (100% polyester)
Colours black, lithium flint, hedge, dark cedar, bonfire/terra
Sizes S-XXL (men’s); XS-XL (women’s)
Weight 146g (men’s size S)
Made in El Salvador
Stores in the UK 5

Verdict: The Marmot Midweight Long Sleeve is a versatile, well-featured base layer that is very comfortable, warm and light. One of the best we looked at, though its styling is a little ‘no-frills’.


Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine October 2009