Mammut Zip Long Sleeve All Year (2012)

This is a top base-layer and another using a mix of merino and polypropylene to give benefits of both materials. The top uses ‘body-mapping’ techniques – using different construction in different places to help retain warmth and draw away moisture where necessary. Underarm and back sections are built to draw moisture away quickly with thinner material. The front uses a slightly thicker fabric that insulates a little more. The polyester material used under the arms does mean that the top isn’t as neutral in the smell department as a wool version, though. The whole cut of the top is quite athletic, with a good deal of stretch to aid movement, and there’s a great deal of venting with a zip that almost stretches down to the navel.

Sizes: S-XXL

Fabric: 22% merino; 78% polyester

Weight: 195g

Contact: 01625 508 218

Review from Country Walking magazine, January 2012.