Golite Post Canyon

The Post Canyon is very lightweight and its lack of any insulation immediately restricts its year-round usefulness. It looks more like something you’d see at the side of a running track – in fact it has also been tested out while running, and seems to excel in those kinds of low-temperature, high-exertion days. If you’re not planning to generate plenty of heat yourself, it may be best to look elsewhere. When walking, it’s too thin for use in regular conditions, not trapping great amounts of heat. It does keep off wind well, though – remarkably more than you would expect from its thin grade fabric – so it functions well on windy spring days when you don’t really need insulation. And the fabric feelt soft and pleasant next to the skin.

Fabric: 88% recycled polyester/12% spandex
Weight (tested size): 313g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 0800 917 5642; www.golite.com