Fjallraven Pro-Lite (2015)

Even though it’s called Lite, this is a full-on, heavy-duty soft shell that is so robust it actually crinkles. The first thing you might notice are the colossal but cleverly-placed pockets. The zips run vertically up both sides of the upper torso, making the pockets accessible even with a rucksack on and big enough to take an OS map (each!). I particularly like the hood, which is well-shaped and very adjustable, with a soft sleeve around the drawcord which stops the cord rubbing and feels lovely as it strokes your forehead. The jacket is made with a lighter version of Fjällräven’s G-1000 fabric (though it is still pretty heavy), so if you rub Greenland wax into it, it should become a full waterproof, making it a potential money-saver. It’s on the heavy side for a soft shell, but it’s meant to function as a tough outer layer, so you may conclude that the trade-off is worthwhile.


Weight: 456g

Fabric: Fjällräven G-1000 Lite

Colours: Beige, blue, olive, cork

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 02392 528711


Not light, but a tough, reliable windproof jacket which adapts well to any kind of walk.

Originally reviewed by Nick Hallissey in Country Walking April 2015