Finisterre Eddy

The Eddy base-layer is amazing because it just won’t smell. Even after a few long days in the hills, there was barely a whiff – a feature that will be fairly high on the agenda for many women in the outdoors! The fabric is luxuriously soft, clinging to the body like a glove to trap warmth and wick away sweat. The long cut easily covers the hips, without riding up when walking, and the cuffs are long enough to keep your wrists well covered too. The only slightly limiting factor is the scoop neck – it looks good, and will work well when you want ventilation, but in cold weather, some may prefer a higher collar. Finisterre are a UK-based company that only use high-quality, Australian TMC-accredited merino wool.

Sizes: S-XL
Weight: 125g
Fabric: 100% super fine merino wool
Features: Scoop neck, chlorine-free dyes
Contact: 01872 554 481;