Dare 2 B Body Base Layer T

This base-layer fits like a kind of compression top, and as such sits remarkably tightly against the body, with the fabric sitting like a second skin, stretching as you move. It does mean that unless you’re as lean as a middleweight boxer you’re unlikely to want to be seen wearing it on its own in the pub, as it does have a tendency to look a little like something a French mime artist might wear. The tight fit can be a little claustrophobic and too constrictive at times, especially when exerting yourself. The tight fabric also seems to trap the moisture close to the skin and doesn’t wick it away as well as you might expect for something so airy. It does dry quickly, however, when you stop.

Sizes: S/M-XXL
Weight: 132g
Fabric: Nylon/elastane
Features: Ergonomic body map fit
Contact: 0161 749 1313; www.dare2b.com