Brynje of Norway Super Thermo T-Shirt (2012)

The key to staying cosy is trapping pockets of warm air as close to the skin as possible, which is why in days gone by the humble string vest was such a popular garment. Fashions may have changed, but the string vest was a very efficient concept – and the modern version of that idea is the Brynje of Norway Super Thermo T-Shirt. This is a close-fitting garment that is worn next to the skin to allow the mesh to trap air where it is most needed. The mesh framework is synthetic polypropylene, which moves moisture rapidly, unlike a cotton vest, which soaks up water instead. The crew neck short-sleeved design means it can be worn easily under other base layers, and that is how it is intended to be worn, as without a close-fitting layer over the top all that trapped warm air would get blown away in a breeze. The Brynje of Norway Super Thermo T-Shirt is extremely warm and ideal for winter when you need maximum efficiency as it allows you to wear your normal clothing but with extra insulation next to the skin.

Material polypropylene
Colours navy, black, white, green
Weight 110g (L)



The Brynje of Norway Super Thermo T-Shirt is the best base layer for warmth of those we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2012