Brynje Arctic Double with Hood (2012)

Norway has given us a very interesting departure from the norm here. Merino wool (220g/m2) is combined with a moisture-wicking inner mesh for a massive warmth boost as insulating pockets of air are trapped next to the skin. The merino, although thick, is not very wind-resistant, so for breezy days this jacket is best combined with a wind- or waterproof for maximum warmth. When used with a windproof outer this fleece is in the running for the warmest on test, but this does come at a cost. This jacket weighs 547g (size UK12), a good 100g more than most here and almost twice the lightest, so it’s one to wear all day rather than carry around ‘just in case’. The hood is great – adjustable and with enough material at the neck to accommodate full up-and-down movement for scrambling and more. There’s great freedom of movement throughout, and the jacket is nicely long in the body and arms so you’ll get no cold spots when reaching for holds. One easily rectified downside to this jacket is the tiny zip pulls, which are hard to operate with big gloves on.

Weight 547g
Pockets 2 side
Material merino wool weight 220g/m2, with polypropylene mesh lining
Thumb loops yes
Hood yes
Men’s version yes



The Brynje Arctic Double with Hood is a very warm but heavy natural fibre jacket for all-day wear in winter conditions with great freedom of movement for walking, scrambling and climbing.

Review by Claire Maxted
First published in Trail magazine October 2012