Paramo Bora Smock (2015)

The Bora takes a different approach to soft shell. It is essentially a thickened-up, over-the-head windshirt, so it is exceedingly light (just 178g) and very packable. By itself, it is highly windproof (the peaked hood is especially good) and very breathable, thanks to two vertical venting zips up the abdomen. But the Bora has more to it than that. It is designed to be used with a Bora fleece (£100) and Nikwax proofing treatments. Put on both Boras and rub the latter into this, and you have a fully waterproof, windproof and breathable combo that is also extremely light. It’s a very clever proposition, and if you buy the combo together (for £165), you can potentially tick off all your spring/summer mid and outer-layer needs for the same price as a good waterproof alone. It’s perhaps too light for really nasty rain, but it will deflect the average squally summer shower with ease.


Weight: 178g

Fabric: Nikwax Windproof

Colours: Blue, green

Women’s version: Yes (Zonda)

Contact: 01892 786444


A good soft shell in itself, but even better value when added to its fleece brother and some waterproofing gel.

Originally reviewed by Nick Hallissey in Country Walking April 2015