Alpkit Filo (2015)

The Alpkit Filo features 675+ fill power 90/10 duck down – not quite the spec of higher-priced jackets – which is why it’s a little heavier. The outer is ripstop nylon, again a slightly heavier option than pricier jackets, but you do get a removable hood, which benefits from a wired peak. The cuffs only have plain elastication rather than tab adjustment, though. 3/5

The Filo is only available in men’s sizes S-XL and women’s sizes 8-14. The jacket fits quite closely and felt a little more restrictive than some higher-priced options. The hood fits quite closely too, but isn’t helmet-compatible, although it is removable, which may be more important for non-climbers. The cuffs have no adjustment but they fitted me fine. 4/5

The Alpkit Filo is a heavy jacket at 689g (size L) and it’s quite bulky too, so it feels a bit more restrictive when worn. But its comfort level is reasonable as you get plenty of insulation packed inside, although this does give it a slight ‘Michelin man’ sensation. Some soft lining material at the chin would be a welcome addition. 3/5

In Use
In use the weight and packed size are drawbacks as this is a lumpy piece of kit to stuff in a rucksack. If it gets wet then it won’t be as warm as those with more water-resistant insulation or outer fabrics either. But it keeps you warm and is great around a campsite or bothy, which is the main reason many hillwalkers will buy this jacket. 4/5

Like all Alpkit gear the price is remarkable, but you can only buy it online and there are drawbacks to the design. 5/5

The Alpkit Filo  is not the best, lightest or comfiest jacket available, but its performance is good enough for many walkers and its price is stunning. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2015