Regatta Gravitator (2012)

One of the lightest tops out there and good for warmer conditions, with thin fabric and great stretch. A lack of membrane technology, coupled with the relatively open fabric weave, creates great levels of breathability, although at the expense of some windproofing. If the weather turns very cold or windy, you may need to slip a shell over the top. Regatta’s ATL water-repellent finish helps deal with most light showers. The jacket doesn’t close up around you as well as others: there are drawcords at the hem but no adjustment on the cuffs, making them baggy – though you can roll them up easily when it’s warm. The hood has no adjustment but fits snugly, with elastic pulling it tight. A versatile jacket for summer, at a very good price.

Sizes: S-XXXL

Fabric: Regatta XLT Stretch

Weight: 464g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 0161 749 1313;


*Published in Country Walking magazine, Spring 12