Technicals Limitless

A classic pair of stuffable trousers for use when the heavens really open. On warmer days you are highly likely to get a bit of a clammy leg, with the less-than-amazing breathability of the fabric, and a distinct lack of venting on the leg, although in cold Essex snow, that wasn’t a huge problem. Putting them on with boots is also a bit of a hopping drama every time, with zip openings only extending just over the top of boot level. They are basically cut with a wide leg shape that does tend to let them billow a bit in a breeze and leave them prone to snagging. The elasticated waistband is helped along with a cinch-pull to help get the fit snug at the waist.

Sizes: S-XL
Fabric: Hydrotech
Weight: 428g
Women’s version available: Yes (Aurora)
Contact: 01539 822 155;