Regatta Byrne (2015)


Regatta Byrne overtrousers have provided budget protection for several years and they has a good set of features for the price. The waist is elasticated with a drawcord. The legs have calf-length zips with external stormflaps and there is a Velcro tab to adjust the ankle area a little. Not a lot of features, but some trousers at this or a higher price have even fewer! 3/5


Regatta Byrne overtrousers come in men’s sizes XS to XXXL and one leg length, with the nearest women’s equivalent being the Regatta Amelie II at £35 in sizes S to XL and two leg lengths. The fit is described as ‘relaxed’, and while it is a little baggy around the hips, the leg fit is not too bad compared to some at this price. 3/5


The Isotex 5000 fabric is waterproof and breathable, but it cannot boast the lab results of pricier materials so some condensation is more likely here. There is no lining either so you’ll tend to notice any condensation that develops. There are two slash pockets that allow access to your undergarment pockets, but these could allow water in. 3/5

In use

At 297g (size L) you can carry Regatta Byrne overtrousers in your rucksack easily. The side zips are just about long enough (depending on your foot size) to get them on over boots, but longer zips would be better. The fit is not perfect, the material is not superb, but they still perform better than many trousers for £30. 3/5


Outstanding value for money and if you really cannot find another 10 quid then buy these and head to the hills as you won’t find better at this price. 5/5


Regatta Byrne overtrousers do a good job at keeping you dry and comfy, but paying more brings much better performance. 3.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine April 2015