Regatta Byrne (2012)

Regatta Byrne overtrousers can be yours for just £30, and for that you get a waterproof and breathable garment made from Isotex 5000. There is no mesh lining so these are a little clammier than higher-priced options, but who cares when they spend most of their life in your rucksack? The cut is more basic than higher-priced options too, though, meaning you get a fairly baggy fit. The waist is elasticated and there is a drawcord.

The ankle cuff has a 30cm long zip with a gusset behind it and a Velcro adjuster to narrow the ankle cuff. Although this is a relatively short zip I was able to get these on over my size 11 boots thanks to the width of the legs. The fit is very good for the price but a little baggy around the hips perhaps and not quite as well-fitting as those with higher price tags. There are slit openings so you can access trousers worn underneath, and there is a rear patch pocket. The Regatta Byrne is a good trouser for general walking with excellent performance for the price, but of course you will get a better product if you spend more.

Material Isotex 5000
Sizes XS-XXL (men’s Byrne); S-XL (women’s Amelie II)
Weight 299g (men’s L)



Regatta Byrne trousers are the best value for general walking in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine November 2012