Quechua Forclaz 50 Gaiter (2015)


For this tiny price you get a polyester fabric with a waterproof PU coating, which Quechua describes as ‘not very breathable’. The side zip has no large stormflap to protect it that some have, nor a drawcord or top press stud to secure this area; there is just elastication at the top. A lace hook is also provided as well as a wire underfoot strap with an adjustable buckle. 3/5


The Quechua Forclaz 50 Gaiters come in sizes S, M and L and they are usefully labelled L and R so you know which is the left and right gaiter. I was sent a size M, which fitted fine over my size 11/46 boots and the top came nicely below my knee. The calf area was comfortably relaxed to allow easy movement and some airflow. 5/5


The material is not the most breathable so sweat inside the gaiter is an issue; that said, even the best gaiters can be a bit sweaty. Nothing digs in or rubs, which is the most important thing. The elastication around the top of the gaiter also sits nicely and is comfier than some drawcords I have used. Being hot and sweaty is the main drawback. 4/5

In use

Side zips are not as easy as front zips, but the Quechua Forclaz 50 Gaiter still goes on pretty well. I’d like something to secure the top of the gaiter though as once the zip opens a little it can easily open further. The main issue is that the wire underfoot stirrup will fray – then it is hard to replace and also it may prick your fingers when fitting. But these gaiters do keep  mud out of boots! 3/5


The Quechua Forclaz 50 Gaiter was the lowest-priced gaiter we received; and while not the best, the price is superb and the performance is good enough. 5/5


How often do you wear gaiters? If the answer is not often, or you just don’t have much cash, then these are a bargain worth having. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine October 2015