Extremities Tay Ankle Gaiter (2015)


The Extremities Tay Ankle Gaiter is designed to be a shorter length for comfort, so it only covers the ankle and lower calf area. It is made from Gore-Tex, which is extremely waterproof and breathable. The front closure is Velcro-only with no zip and no press studs, and just a drawcord at the top. There is a lace hook and tough Hypalon underfoot strap though. 4/5


Available in S/M and L/XL, the Extremities Tay Ankle Gaiter came to my mid calf area when pulled up. The material is soft enough to push down below the calf as well if you prefer. The fit across the boot was fine and there is plenty of adjustment in the underfoot strap. The top drawcord allows a good fit around the leg to ensure debris cannot get inside the gaiter. 5/5


This uses Gore-Tex material so it is as breathable as gaiters are going to get, and as the calf area is soft and not too long this is more comfortable than any longer gaiter. Because it comes in two sizes that comfort should be maintained even if you have chunkier or thinner legs than me as the two sizes should easily accommodate some variation. 5/5

In use

I keep thinking there should be press stud at the top and bottom of the wide Velcro closure, but this sort of closure does work well, I am surprised to find, and I have used similar closures for years successfully. Of course you do get less protection in deep bogs or long wet heather so Extremities Tay Ankle Gaiters are not ideal for every situation but a good option sometimes. 4/5


You pay for Gore-Tex but you get fewer other features, not even a zip. The price is not great but it’s still less than some ankle gaiters. 3/5


If you want a short gaiter for great comfort and can tolerate less protection the Extremities Tay Ankle Gaiter is a very good option if you are on a tight budget. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine October 2015