Technicals Limitless 2010

Technicals is one of Black’s own brands, and it includes waterproofs as well as other outdoor gear. The Limitless trouser has pocket access, which is not featured on other products here, and comes in a small stuffsack for easy carriage in a pack.

The Technicals Limitless is unlined, with the shortest side zip of those featured here. The result is an extremely compact product that easily packs into its stuffsack. The short leg zip does not fully open the leg as there is an internal baffle. This means
that this area should be more waterproof, as essentially the zip does not provide direct access to underclothing. However there are two access points to pockets in underclothing at the waist. These two slit pockets mean you can wear these over your walking trousers and still access your car keys for example. There is also a zipped pocket in the seat, again a feature not provided in other trousers here.

On the hill
Having a pair of Technicals Limitless stuffed into their stuffsack really does help packing your gear as you can easily find them in your pack and grab them if needed. But getting them on is a pain as that side zip is very short and actually does not open the trouser very much as there is a material gusset behind the zip. I did squeeze these over my boots but it was much harder than with other trousers. The slit pockets at the waist may be of use to some people, but I am not sure that having access to pockets in underclothing is of any use to a hill-walker. So for me this is not an ideal design. Equally the seat pocket is not something I would use in the hills. The other drawback of these is that the fabric is a 2-layer material that is only waterproof to 5,000mm of hydrostatic head, and it’s also less breathable than others. This combination of material features means these are ‘sweatier’ trouser than others.

How waterproof?
Once the Technicals Limitless trousers are on there is no side zip to leak, which is a real advantage. However there are slit pockets at the waist that could easily leak if you are not wearing a long enough waterproof. I certainly would not want to use these for ghyll scrambling for example as I would expect them to leak more easily than others due to the slit pocket access at the waist.

Outer Hydrotech
Inner none
Fabric waterproofness waterproof
Fabric breathability breathable
Sizes S-XXL (men’s only)
Weight 250g (size L)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 61
Stockist details  – tel. 0800 665 410;


The Technicals Limitless’s short side zip design is baffled and so very waterproof; supplied with stuffsack; very compact and light; some may like slit access to undergarment pockets. However, they’re  harder to fit over big boots than others; 2-layer fabric is more clammy than others; slit pockets are more likely to leak; fabric spec is less waterproof and less breathable than others. They are low-priced, lightweight trousers, but the blend of features don’t suit the hill-walker as well as some other designs

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2010