Sprayway Utility Pant

These walking trousers use four-way stretch fabric making them really comfortable on the hill and this also allows a closer cut without restricting movement. The fabric feels nice and durable too, so these trousers should stay looking good for ages. The knees are articulated, but they still hang unobtrusively when lounging around. You get cord adjustment at the ankle cuff, but the drawcord is very neatly hidden from view. The legs each have a zipped pocket, which both look cool as they have thin zips and are set to blend in with the styling rather than shout ‘POCKET!’. The hip pockets are also zipped with thin zips that again are neatly incorporated into the style of the trouser. The waistbelt is elasticated with belt loops and inside you get brushed fleece for extra comfort under a rucksack. These have all the practical features most walking, mountaineers and backpackers will be looking for, while their styling isn’t too mountaineery. But the material is slightly noisy and not quite as cool in appearance as a more cotton-like fabric. The knees look reinforced, although they aren’t, but this does push the boundaries for looking cool off the hill. Closer-fitting trousers are better for the hill – but much less cool. Annoyingly none of those pockets will take an OS map, which lets down their practicality on the hill a little. There is no diamond crotch either, but the stretch in the fabric still allows acres of freedom so this is not a major let-down.


Materials: Tecweave Pro
Colours: charcoal
Sizes: 30-36 (men’s); 8-18 (women’s)
Weight: 530g (men’s size 34)
Made in China 
Stores in UK: no info provided

Verdict: Buy it if you want reasonably practical and more hard-wearing hill trousers than can also be worn to the pub without attracting too much attention from urbanites.