Sprayway Compass (male)/Escape (female) 2011

The fabric used in the Sprayway Compass / Escape shorts is two-way stretch so they are great if you struggle with getting a good fit. There is also stretch in the waist so again these can expand around  a tubby tum or hug a neater waistline. There is no belt provided but you get belt loops in case you want to add one. I also liked the brushed lining inside the waist that make these a little more comfy compared to most shorts here. The lower right leg pocket will take a small guidebook and at a squeeze you can get an OS map in the zipped hip pockets too. There’s a simple Velcro closure pocket at the rear. These are great shorts due to that stretch fabric and its general comfort, and at this price they are a real bargain. But the pockets of the Sprayway Compass / Escape could be a little better as those two hip pockets are a notch small if you want to stash an OS-sized map. They also provide more of a hugging style of fit, rather than a baggy, airy fit, which you may or may not prefer in hotter weather. There is no additional crotch panel either, so again they feel a little closer than some. So not my favourite but still pretty good.

Material Tecweave soft shell nylon
Sizes S-XXL (men’s) Compass; 8-18 (women’s Escape)
Weight 226g (size L, without belt)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 200

Stretch fabric and a very comfy waistband all at a great price make these the Sprayway Compass / Escape shorts very desirable, but the pockets are not the best.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2011