Royal Robbins Bivvy

These are much more of a travel-trouser than others tested. They feel very casual; there is no stretch in the fabric, although it is made with a Ripstop knit, which makes it extra-tough and harder-wearing. Of course, that understated design does mean that these will be fine to wear when not on a hillside. The fabric is fine against the skin with a medium weight to it, making it okay for slightly colder weather than some of the more summer-orientated models. Not great in wet conditions, taking a long time to dry and often staying wet around the ankles all day. The marketing on the US-based firm’s website says: “These sleek performers will score big negotiating riprap on the trail as well as groovin’ to hip-hop at the club.” That’s a rather odd pledge to make – and a very hard one to fulfil.


Sizes: 30-42
Materials: 70% cotton, 30% nylon
Weight: 406g
Pockets: Six
Women’s version: No
Contact: 01572 771133;
* Published in Country Walking, September, 2011