Paramo Merapi Active

The first thing that makes the Merapis stand out against the other trousers in the test is the soft feeling of the fabric against the skin. Slipping into them, they feel incredibly comfortable, and lightweight too. That lightness makes them a good bet for warmer weather walking, as the air passes through well, and they are among the quickest drying. The design on the whole is stripped-back with not a great deal to get in the way when you’re walking. There are a couple of regular thigh pockets, both with zip-closure, with mesh back security pockets hidden away inside. The trousers also have vents on the thighs that channel air through the trousers very effectively. The zips are also tiny and so are virtually hidden.


Sizes: S-XXL
Materials: Parameta A by Nikwax
Weight: 324g
Pockets: Five
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 01892 786444;
* Published in Country Walking, September, 2011