Mountain Hardwear Mesa

A lightweight, quick-drying pair of trousers. More of a classic walking/travel trouser than some, with no stretch in the fabric. That isn’t necessarily a negative point, as when walking you don’ t necessarily notice the lack of stretch. The fabric is robust and despite sliding off rocks and boulders during the test, there were no real signs of wear. Inside, to back up the lightweight fabric, there are some strategically placed chamois-style linings to boost comfort around the waistband and behind pockets. The thigh pockets are a little shallow, so they won’t store any valuables, but there is a zip-closing thigh pocket with a keyring attachment for security. A very well-thought-out pair of trousers.


Sizes: S-XXL
Materials: Canyon™ Cloth, Micro-Chamois™
Weight: 385g
Pockets: Five
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 01572 724499;
* Published in Country Walking, September, 2011