Fjallraven Barents

These trousers use a harder-wearing, non-stretchy G-1000 fabric that is incredibly durable. Reinforced panels on the knees and backside really do help add an extra level of protection. The most novel thing about these classic trousers has to be the way that you can waterproof them. Fjallraven sell a ‘Greenland wax’ that you can apply to the trousers with an iron to make them (temporarily) waterproof. The beauty of this is that you can simply proof the lower legs, so that they act as a kind of gaiter. A word of warning, though – the waxing does take a little practice, as it’s all too easy to rub in too much and end up with cardboard-stiff trousers with a sweaty inner leg. Expensive, but a great investment.


Sizes: 29-41
Materials: G-1000 original (65% polyester/35% cotton)
Weight: 592g
Pockets: Five
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 02392 528711;