Salomon Wayfarer Winter Trouser Review

On a spectrum of trouser toughness, the Wayfarer Winter Pants would be at the softer end, though they pack a punch bigger than their slimline form would suggest. Despite being a ‘winterised’ version of the popular Wayfarers, they’re lightweight and relatively thin, which means the wind can get through a little easier, but the flip side is that they’re extremely breathable and need no ventilation. Water beads off the surface like it would off a duck’s back and I stayed dry in them through some pretty nasty stuff. Using a combination of nylon and elastane, the four-way stretch material is truly liberating when negotiating rough terrain and mischievous stiles (there’s always one); when taking on a mountain the last thing you want to be doing is battling a swaddle of stiffly stitched slacks. There’s no danger of that here. What’s more, the Wayfarers are in
it with you for the long haul – they’re a hugely popular model for Salomon and that’s partly a credit to the quality of the materials as well as their performance in tough conditions. Target Price £74.


Size: 6-18

Fabric: 92% nylon, 8% elastane

Weight: 330g

Contact: 0207 078 3528,


PROS: Excellent range of movement, lightweight, quick drying.
CONS:  Not as windproof or as warm as thicker soft shell trousers.


BEST FOR: Adventure-packed days when you want to travel light and fast. 

Review from Country Walking magazine.