Wild Country Coshee 2 (2013)

The Wild Country Coshee 2 offers side entry to both sides of its two-pole wedge shape and as there is a porch on each side, it’s well-designed for two campers wanting their own space. It pitches very easily thanks to two colour-coded poles that slip through sleeves around the outside of the flysheet. The inner is pre-attached, but it can be fitted or removed separately. The pegging points don’t get ladder-lock adjustment unlike higher-priced tents, but the elastic bungee cords still allow easy pegging out. The Wild Country Coshee 2 is stabler than expected, although a three-pole geodesic would be even more stable. There’s a door on each side, but they lack double zips, so you cannot vent the top of the doorway; but the doorways are very large making it easy to come and go from either side. The porches are both very large, and ideal for each person’s kit. In many ways this is the best tent here for many backpackers due to its weight, living space and price; the only drawback is if you want even more stability and perhaps a little more inner tent space, which you can only get by spending more or increasing the weight.

Flysheet fabric PU-coated polyester

Inner tent fabric polyester

Groundsheet fabric PU-coated polyester

Internal dimensions (LxWxH) 218x160x90cm

Packed size 42x14cm

Weight 2000g

Website www.terra-nova.co.uk


The Wild Country Coshee 2 is an ideal backpacking tent for anyone wanting to keep an eye on weight and price while maintaining good living space for two campers. In won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award.

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine June 2013