Terra Nova Superlite Voyager 2010

The Terra Voyager has been a classic design for many years, but in 2009 Terra Nova created a superlight version that stripped away a third of the weight while maintaining the classic three-pole geodesic design that delivers great stability and space. At just 1530g it makes you wonder why other tents need to be quite so heavy.

Initial impressions are that the Terra Nova Superlite Voyager is a three-pole geodesic tent like any other. But on closer inspection the ‘weight shaving’ process is clear. The tent is a notch smaller than others, in terms of inner height, length and width which all adds up to a few grams. Then there is the stuffsack, which is made of thinner material and the flysheet material is extremely thin, while the inner is not only thin but is made from mesh at the front and rear, with no second doorway. The guy lines are extremely thin while the titanium pegs weigh in at just 18g for the lot, compared to 200g for most tents. There are no ladder-lock webbing adjustments on the flysheet and finer gauge zips are used throughout. This is a tent on a very serious diet.

On the hill
The Terra Nova Superlite Voyager has been voted ‘Best in Test’ by Trail when compared to other sub-2kg tents, so this is no slouch on the hill. But here it is up against tents of similar design that are heavier and lower in price. It pitches easily enough, but not quite so easily as those with ladder-lock webbing adjustment. The pegs are annoyingly thin too and in long tufts of grass they do not stay in place as well as others. I’d certainly carry four heavier pegs instead of only taking the titanium pegs supplied. You get a simplified entrance too, with just one double zip up the front, and this does not give the opening options that some heavier tents benefit from, so again not quite so good in more varied conditions. As there is no solid door on the inner, just a midge door, this tent is colder outside of summer. While the geodesic design is relatively stable, it is not as stable as the other tents here. The standard Terra Nova Voyager is a more stable option, with better doors but it weighs 2270g and costs £370. This would be a better choice if you want a tent for more varied conditions. But the Superlite Voyager is great if weight is your top priority.

Design three-pole geodesic
Poles shock-corded alloy
Materials outer: nylon, 4000mm hydrostatic head; groundsheet: nylon 7000mm hydrostatic head; inner: nylon
Internal dimensions length 206cm; width 122cm; height 103cm
Packed size 50x15cm
Weight 1530g
Made in China
Stockist details – tel. (01773) 837370; www.terra-nova.co.uk


The low weight and good stability makes the Terra Nova Superlite Voyager great for settled weather, but others have advantages in tougher conditions.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2010