Robens Trailstar 2 2011

Robens is a Danish brand that is best known for producing a wide range of well-priced, high-value camping equipment. The Robens Trailstar 2 comes in a one-person version as well as the two-person option featured here, and its unique corner design sets it apart from many tents in terms of making the most of the inner tent space.

The Trailstar has an external pole set with the four corner poles coming pre-assembled directly from the factory. The inner is also pre-attached, so pitching is extremely simple. The external pole has an unusual clip attachment that means you do not have to thread the poles through sleeves during the pitching process. This all makes pitching incredibly fast and easy. The four corner vertical poles have ladder-lock guy lines so tensioning the tent is straightforward. The inner is attached with quick-release buckles so you can remove or fit it separately in wet weather if needed. Once pitched there is a side entry into a small porch that extends the full length of the tent. You also get zipaway panels at each end for increased venting through the tent as well as vents at the top of the tent to allow air to escape under the main pole across the roof.

On the hill
The Robens Trailstar 2 is a great tent to pitch as it can be erected so quickly and easily. I particularly liked that those corner vertical poles had very long guy lines, meaning it was very simple to position the peg to avoid rocks in the ground while still getting the corners to be taut. Getting into the tent is fine for one person, as that side door gives good access, but using this tent with two people is a real squeeze as the entry is relatively small. But the main problem is that the porch is virtually non-existent as although it does stretch the length of the inner, it is only 30cm deep at its widest point and it narrows towards each end. Stashing one person’s gear in here is possible, but stashing two campers’ gear with space to get in and out or cook out of the rain is challenging to say the least. But the tent is very stable, and those end vents and roof vents mean condensation is quite easy to control. I’d prefer a double zip on the outer door so the top could be vented. Also a larger zip mesh panel on the inner door would be good. So use this for one person and it is a good tent, even with the small porch, but for two people there are better designs that are also lower in price and lighter.

Design transverse ridge
Poles shock-corded alloy
Materials outer: HydroTex 5000 polyester, 5000mm hydrostatic head; groundsheet: polyester, 5000mm hydrostatic head; inner: polyester
Internal dimensions length 210cm; width 120cm; height 90cm
Packed size 40x18cm
Weight 2.2kg
Made in China
Stockist details – tel. (0151) 645 2278;
Stores in the UK 75

The Robens Trailstar 2 boasts good ventilation; very easy to pitch; corner poles create more space and venting. But it’s slightly heavier than some options; porch is very small; more mesh on inner would be useful in summer conditions; double zip on outdoor door would be handy. In summary, it’s good for one person, but two people may struggle with the small porch and the limited access provided by only having a single door.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2011