Mountain Equipment AR Ultralight

This 2-person backpacking tent is very light at just 1600g and you can save a further 300g by ditching the pole set and using a pair of trekking poles instead. It pitches outer-first with just two vertical poles supporting the outer. The inner is suspended inside the outer. The wedge-shaped ridge design creates a reasonable amount of space to sit up under the ridge and it then tapers to the foot steeply. A real bonus is that there are two porches and two entrances, so two campers can have their own half of the tent, which is particularly useful when you need to unpack gear after a wet day on the hill. The porches each have space for two rucksacks. The outer doors roll upwards and can be secured quite well. The outer doors can also be vented from the top, which is useful when cooking in the porch. This is an incredibly simple, lightweight design that is ideal for valley backpacking.  But tents with curved pole designs offer more internal space. This is not the most stable design as that large, flat surface of the wedge shape tends to catch the wind, so some care is needed to find relatively sheltered sites. Other designs have more control over ventilation too.

Verdict: Buy it if you want a very lightweight tent at a low price and are prepared to forgo stability and space.

Design: 2-pole ridge

Poles: shock-corded alloy (or pair of trekking poles)

Flysheet: 30 denier ripstop nylon, 2500mm hydrostatic head

Inner: 30 denier ripstop nylon

Groundsheet: 33 denier nylon, 5000mm hydrostatic head

Internal dimensions: length 220cm; width 90cm; height 90cm

Packed size: 38x16cm

Weight: 1600g

Made in: Vietnam

Stores in UK: England 30; Wales 5; Scotland 5; Ireland 1