Lightwave G20 Trek 2010

The G20 Trek is a new tent from Lightwave, who have made a great impact since the company was founded in 2002. The brand takes a functional rather than fashionable approach to gear design, and this is clear in the G20 Trek, which is designed to be a lightweight yet stable backpacking tent.

The Lightwave G20 Trek is a very functional design so you get an inner with colour-coded mesh sleeves for the colour-coded poles. Once assembled the fly goes over the top and eyelets on webbing are attached over the ends of the poles. There are ladder-lock adjusters to allow easier tensioning. The guy lines are not pre-attached and the manufacturer believes that just three pegs are ‘quite sufficient in most conditions’ according to the website. You do get 14 pegs though plus five guy lines and four sections of bungee cord that can be attached to the corner pegging points for easier pegging. A feature unique to this tent is the large open cell foam spacers on the inner tent, which ensure that the fly does not come into contact with the inner. These along with the large vents on each side of the door plus one at the back of the tent provide that all-important ventilation to control condensation.

On the hill
The Lightwave G20 Trek is a great tent that’s wonderfully simple and functional to use. Pitching is very easy as the sleeves around the inner are nice and wide, while ladder-lock adjusters always make the task easier. The pegs are annoying though and I would prefer the more hand-friendly designs used by other brands. Once up the tent is very stable, as the manufacturer suggests. Inside the tent is very comfortable as it is slightly bigger than some options as well as having a bright white inner that gives this an extra sense of comfort compared to some dark and gloomy options. The porch is a good size and the door has a very good central opening design that allows it to be opened from the top or bottom and for just the left or right section to be rolled back. This door combined with the venting and those two foam dividers on the inner means that air flow is very easily controlled through this tent and the result is much better condensation control than other tents in my experience. I’d still prefer an outer-pitched- first design for camping in wet weather, but if you prefer the benefits of inner-pitched-first designs then this is the best inner-pitched-first geodesic tent featured here. 

Design three-pole geodesic
Poles shock-corded alloy
Materials outer: 70g ripstop 40-denier nylon 5000mm hydrostatic head; groundsheet: 135g 150d nylon 5000mm hydrostatic head; inner: 45g 40d nylon
Internal dimensions length 220cm; width 130cm; height 110cm
Packed size 43x17cm
Weight 2642g
Made in China
Stockist details – tel. (0113) 250 8833;

The Lightwave G20 Trek is an ideal backpacking tent if you prefer inner-pitched-first designs and low weight is not your top priority.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2010