Karrimor X Lite 2 (2013)

The two-pole tunnel tent is probably one of the most well-established backpacking designs, and the Karrimor X Lite 2 is a very good example. It pitches outer-first with two colour-coded poles slipping through sleeves around the outside of the fly. One end of the sleeve is sewn up so the pole bottoms out, leaving you to simply locate the other end in an eyelet, and this makes pitching a little easier than some tents. Ladder lock adjusters at each end further improve the ease of pitching. The inner attaches to the fly with clips and can remain in situ once attached. Like all two-pole tunnels the big surface area tends to flap a little more than other designs in the wind so you really need to keep it tensioned up for best performance. Its best feature is the ease of access two campers have through the large front porch to the inner. There’s ample room for two backpacks in that porch too, and two campers also get a fair amount of inner space. The outer door can be rolled up from the bottom or opened from the top, to aid ventilation. A great design for two, but the drawback is a slight increase in weight.

Flysheet fabric 68D ripstop PU-coated polyester
Inner tent fabric 68D ripstop polyester
Groundsheet fabric 150D PU-coated polyester Oxford
Internal dimensions (LxWxH) 220x135x90cm
Packed size 50x15cm
Weight 2383g
Website http://store.karrimor.com



The Karrimor X Lite 2 is an excellent example of a two-pole tunnel tent with great features well-designed, but like all tunnels it isn’t the stablest or, in this case, lightest option.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine June 2013