Hilleberg Nallo 2 2009

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 has set the standard for two-pole two-person tunnel tents. Hilleberg is also known for no-compromise designs that once perfected prevail for years with few if any changes. So the Nallo sets out to offer the optimum in terms of features for the weight with every detail adding to its perfect backpacking package.



The Nallo pitches outer-first with colour-coded poles slipping through sleeves that run around the outside of the flysheet. These sleeves are closed at one end so the poles bottom out, leaving a ladder lock adjuster to fix them in place. Tail and front pegging points easily form the basic tunnel design. These points are adjustable, though (unlike some others), which makes it easier to pitch this on rocky or uneven ground. The pegs also have cords to ease removal. The main porch has a superb door that can be opened from either side, top or bottom. There is also an extra mini porch under the tent’s tail that can be used to store gear or increase ventilation. The ventilation is particularly good, thanks to the tail and front porch doors plus inner doors and a rear inner door that can be opened to expose a midge net panel.


On the hill

I’ve used a Nallo for years and it has proved itself time and again. Pitching is a breeze thanks in part to those adjustable pegging points but also to the sleeves that are sealed at one end to facilitate pole fitting. As it pitches outer-first, the inner can be stripped out on a wet morning before taking the outer down, which I find very useful in the UK! The outer doors are well-designed, and with the inner mesh doors and tail zip you can create an excellent level of airflow that reduces condensation and makes warm nights more bearable. Inner space is superb as although there is a slightly taper towards the rear it is not too steep, meaning that for two people there is plenty of room. At 2150g this is incredibly light when the size is considered coupled with the extra details like the pegs, adjustable pegging points and superb doorway that all make using this tent so much easier than some of the other options here. All that quality does come at a price of course, and at £450 this has the joint highest price tag here. But if you are a regular camper this is money well spent and over the lifetime of the tent the price difference will soon be forgotten. If you want the best, then this is it.


Poles shock-corded alloy
Inner 30D ripstop nylon
Outer 30D ripstop nylon, 3000mm hydrostatic head
Groundsheet 70D ripstop nylon, 5000mm hydrostatic head
Internal dimensions length 220cm; width 135cm; height 110cm
Packed size 48x15cm
Packed weight 2150g
Made in Estonia
Stores in UK 50
Stockist details – tel. (0046) 6357 1550; www.hilleberg.com


Verdict: The Hilleberg Nallo 2 two-person two-pole tunnel tent’s outer pitches first; very easy to pitch; very spacious inner; huge porch; excellent ventilation; adjustable pegging points; rear porch zip for adding ventilation; pegs are easier to use than others; superb weight. But the price is high.  In summary, if you can stretch to the price tag you will be rewarded with the best performance for the weight when backpacking for years to come.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2009