Helsport Ringstind 1 2011

The Helsport Ringstind 1 is a quick-pitch one-person tent design with just a single pole that has an ingeniously simple attachment method. This does take a little practice to get perfect as there are multiple guy lines at each end, but once mastered it is great. The guys at the ends and at the centre pole plus the numerous pegging points make for a very secure pitch, so although single-pole designs tend to rattle in high winds, the Ringstind inspires more confidence than most. The living space is perfect for long winter nights or sitting out a storm. There’s plenty of headroom, and it has a decent width, and with extra length over the average for one-person tents there’s great room for taller campers and also some gear storage. Most of your storage would be in the porch, which the door splits, leaving a sheltered space and room for cooking and access. There’s internally adjustable ventilation at the ends and a vent at the top of the porch. It also comes with a full repair kit. 
The Helsport Ringstind 1 is a little complicated to pitch, however, and the ventilation, while effective, does involve playing with various drawcords at the narrow end of the tent. There are much lighter tents, but you’re trading weight for that extra performance and space.

Design single pole
Poles shock-corded alloy
Inner ripstop superlight polyamide
Flysheet Superlight Helsport 2000 fabric, 4000mm hydrostatic head
Groundsheet polyamide SL, 5000mm hydrostatic head
Internal dimensions length 240cm; width 90cm; height 110cm
Packed size 40x18cm
Weight 1615g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 3

The Helsport Ringstind 1 is a great one-person tent for wild nights: it’s weighty but feels strong and reliable, and has a longer inside than average for taller campers.

Review by Peter Macfarlane
First published in Trail magazine April 2011