Eureka! Wabakimi 2 (2012)

The Eureka! Wabakimi 2 is an inner-pitched-first design with just two poles needed to create the spacious inner, over which you toss the flysheet with colour-coded attachment points. Adjustable buckles on the webbing make it easy to tension the fly, and the whole structure is very stable due to the inner-pitch-first crossover pole design. To improve condensation control air is able to enter the tent via the large gap between the fly and the ground, and escape through vents in the fly at the top. But that large gap between fly and ground may mean that horizontally driven rain gets under the fly easier than other tents. However the outer door does have an incredibly wide and robust external stormflap over the zip, which will certainly protect this area well from rain. Also you do get double zip pulls so you can vent the top of the door. The inner tent is huge, so there’s plenty of room for two to sit up; and as there are entrances and porches on both sides of the tent each camper gets their own access and storage. The Eureka! Wabakimi 2’s real drawback is the weight of 3353g, as there are designs that provide many of the advantages of this tent for less weight.

Flysheet material 75D embossed PU-coated polyester
Inner material 68D polyester
Groundsheet material 75D PU-coated polyester
Internal dimensions (length x width x height) 230x155x110cm
Packed size 50x18cm
Weight 3353g



The Eureka! Wabakimi 2 is a very durable, very spacious and stable tent but the weight is less appealing when it is used for backpacking, and outer-pitched-first designs have advantages in really wet weather.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine August 2012