Berghaus Peak 2.1 2011

Berghaus is best-known for its rucksacks and waterproofs, but the company has also designed a range of tents in conjunction with Blacks that are sold exclusively through Blacks stores. The Berghaus Peak 2.1 is a dome design with a large porch. It is not the lightest tent here, but it is certainly the most spacious.

Domes are perhaps less popular with backpackers than they have been in the past, but they do offer exceptional levels of space as well as good stability even when the wind changes direction. The Berghaus Peak 2.1 has the additional benefit of a porch that is almost as deep as the sleeping area and runs the full width of the tent. This has a door on each side, which means two campers can not only access the tent independently but can also easily store their gear in the porch while leaving plenty of room for cooking. The tent comes supplied with a separate inner and outer, and the tent is pitched outer-first with the alloy poles being slipped easily through external sleeves. The pole ends are then located in eyelets around the base. A third shorter pole is fitted across the top to add height to the porch and increase headroom. The inner is then attached inside. But once attached you can leave the inner in place and pitch the whole tent in one go.

On the hill
I pitched the Berghaus Peak 2.1 high on the Lakeland fells and it was very stable – a real breath of fresh air compared to lighter options here. That porch is huge, so you can strip off wet gear and dry it rather than just squashing it into the corner. The outer doors are huge but they don’t have double zips so you can’t vent the door from the top, which would help prevent condensation and allow porch-cooking steam to escape. Also, while you get two vents in the roof, there are no end vents and the inner door has minimal mesh too, so condensation control is not so easy. The 3.2kg weight is a real drawback – heavy by today’s standards; but what I liked was that when the rain finally arrived there was acres of space inside, so you can sit out a storm in comfort. It depends on your needs, really. If you are not walking far or just like a little extra comfort then this could be ideal. But if you are prepared to sacrifice living space for weight or you just need to travel light because you are out for more than a couple of nights then a lighter tent than the Berghaus Peak 2.1 would be a better option.

Design 3-pole dome with extended porch
Poles shock-corded alloy
Materials outer: PU-coated polyester, 4000mm hydrostatic head; groundsheet: PU-coated nylon, 5000mm hydrostatic head; inner: polyester
Internal dimensions length 200cm; width 138cm; height 110cm
Packed size 50x18cm
Weight 3.2kg
Made in China
Stockist details – tel. 0800 056 0127;
Stores in the UK 100

The Berghaus Peak 2.1 is the most spacious tent we tested; ideal for comfy base camps; very stable; easy to pitch for size; two doors on porch; massive porch is perfect for two people’s gear. But it’s heavy; do you need all that extra space?; venting options could be better. Between two people it is only 1.6kg each and incredibly spacious, but some backpackers may prefer less space if they can save more on weight.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine August 2011