Snugpak Softie Technik 5 (2012)

The Softie range of sleeping bags from Snugpak are made in Yorkshire, and they have been a proven budget option for over 30 years. The Technik 5 is Snugpak’s winter synthetic offering, and with a temperature rating of -15 deg C it’s more than capable of keeping the user warm in typical British winter conditions. You get a shoulder baffle to help trap air inside the bag, and a full-length side zip for when you overheat. The toe is a ‘chisel’ or wedge shape, so that your toes have good insulation all around them when you are lying down, and the hood is easy to adjust to fit well around the head. The drawback of such a warm bag using synthetic insulation is that the weight and packed size are pretty hefty, but that is the compromise you have to accept if your budget is limited. The Snugpak Softie Technik 5 is a great winter bag for those on a tight budget.


Outer fabric Paratex

Inner fabric Paratex Light

Insulation Softie Premier Insulation

Compressed packed size 29x25cm

Weight 2600g

Lower comfort temperature rating -15 deg C



The Snugpak Softie Technik 5 is the best budget warm synthetic bag in our review.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2012

Snugpak Softie Technik 3 2011Softie Technik 3 2011

The Snugpak factory is in West Yorkshire, and the Softie Technik 3 2011 is the only sleeping bag in our test manufactured in the UK. It’s very warm with lots of insulation, and it’s big and roomy too. Restless sleepers might like the extra comfort offered by this generous cut, and for bigger people this bag is worth looking into. You get a full-length two-way zip, which is protected with a generous baffle, plus an ergonomic, chisel-toed foot area. There’s a decent shoulder baffle and a large hood that’s easy to pull snug and tight. There’s a good warmth-to-weight ratio too. But it’s the most expensive bag on test by quite a way, and you don’t get much function for your extra cash. The drawcords around the collar are not the neatest design, and the hood feels bunched when pulled tight. It’s also huge, and many sub-6ft people will not want to carry around all that extra weight. Unfortunately, the compression sack isn’t all that strong, either.

Size 230x65x34cm
Outer fabric Paratex Steelplate
Inner fabric Paratex Light
Construction profile
Insulation Softie Premier
Minimum comfort temperature rating -7 deg C
Packed size 44x22x68cm; 31x21x69cm compressed
Weight 1780g (bag); 1892g with stuffsack
Made in UK
Stores in the UK 15


A UK-made bag that will suit larger people and keep you warm well into the depths of autumn, but the price tag might leave you cold.

Review by Ben Winston
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2011


Snugpak Softie 9 Hawk 2009

The Snugpak Softie 9 Hawk 3-season synthetic sleeping bag is a slim-fitting mummy shape, with the bare essentials for warmth and protection. The full-length two-way zip has a draught baffle plus a ribbon of stiff material to prevent snagging, and this works well. The hood is wide and roomy with a simple drawcord, and with it tightened right in you have great cocoon-like protection. The  Softie insulation is thick, warm, compressible for packing and quite soft. The Paratex fabric is very water-resistant and feels tough yet is soft against skin. The well-shaped foot area has reinforcement against boots – a sign of Snugpak’s military heritage, as are the D rings for hanging the bag up to air. But there’s no shoulder baffle, which some will miss as it leaves the user relying on cinching in the basic hood to prevent heat loss. The hood drawcord is one length of cord for both halves and the cord lock isn’t retained, so adjusting it can be awkward.


Size 200x42x72cm
Shell Paratex Extreme with DWR
Inner Paratex Light
Construction single profile
Insulation Softie Premier
Packed size 22x36cm; 22x23cm compressed
Weight 1465g (bag only); 1590g with stuffsack
Made in UK
Stores in the UK 100
Stockists – tel. (01535) 654499;

Verdict: The Snugpak Softie 9 Hawk is a comfortable, UK-made 3-season synthetic sleeping bag for users who don’t need features such as a shoulder baffle or the easiest adjustability.


Review by Peter Macfarlane
First published in Trail magazine June 2009

Snugpak Premier IV

This synthetic sleeping bag is something of a rarity – an outdoor product made in the UK! It is also a good bag for winter campers. It is made with Snugpak’s own brand of fabrics and comes with a compression stuffsack. The layers of insulation are not stitched through, so there are no cold spots, and the shell fends of water easily, which is ideal in a typical wet winter tent. The side zip works well and has a reasonable baffle behind it. Get inside and you’ll notice that the foot is chisel-shaped so that your feet have more space where they need it. There’s a reasonable shoulder baffle and the hood fits quite well too. It’s a reasonable price for what you get, and generally ideal for most winter campers. But the bag is rated as -15 deg C but it’s definitely not as warm as others with such a rating, and the lab test proved it by rating it at -11 deg C. The zip and shoulder baffle are smaller than most and the hood fit is not as good as the best. It’s also quite heavy.


Size: 220x80x55cm
Shell: Partatex Xtreme
Inner: Paretex Light
Construction: two layers not stitched through
Insulation: Softie with Reflectatherm
Packed size: 43x26cm; 32x26cm compressed
Weight: 2150g bag; 2300g with stuffsack
Made in UK
Stores: England-16; Wales-3; Scotland-2; Ireland-1
Comfort ratings deg C:
Claimed -15
Tested -11

Verdict: Buy it if you want a good all-round winter bag at a good price, as only minor details let it down.

Snugpak Sleeper Xtreme

This 3-season synthetic sleeping bag has a low price; -7 deg C comfort limit; exceptionally free-running zip that is very hard to snag; excellent water resistance; compression stuffsack; wider and more spacious than most bags in price range; reasonable hood and drawcords. But heavy at 2100g; large packed size; zip and shoulder baffles are not as substantial as higher-priced bags.

Verdict: Buy it if you want a more spacious bag, and a low price and low weight are not your priority.